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Session locations and timings:

    • Online via Zoom: Sundays, 11AM to 1PM

    • Alfalah Mosque (Edmonton): Sundays, 2PM to 5PM (starting soon)

Currently, for boys of ages 12 to 16.

Fee Information:

There is a monthly fixed fee and a variable activity fee.

Fixed monthly fees is $50 per month for the first 30 students at each location.

Variable activity fees are required for all activities outside of "class" time mentioned in the "session locations and timings" section. The additional activities include camps and excursions, night programs, lunches and dinners, and other such activities. The fees of the additional activities are in place to cover the cost of the activity.

If the parents cannot afford the monthly fees and are interested, we ask them to have a conversation with us.

Additionally, we return 20% of the fees for every paying referral every month they attend.

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There is a monthly fixed cost and a variable activity cost, explained on Registration form.