Yousuf is 12 in this image.

July 3, 2018

I started taking my son Yousuf Iqbal when he was 12 years old to Mr. Imran Qureshi’s classes. Everyday after the class while driving back to home I discussed with Yousuf about the days learning and always found fully satisfied about the curriculum Mr. Qureshi was following. I also attended parent’s meetings with Mr. Qureshi and impressed by his way of keeping parents informed about their children’s progress. I found him very open and accommodative in listening the parent’s concerns and offered positive solutions.

I found Yousuf always interested in going to his classes and I also got a chance to interact with his other students and found that they also feel excited and comfortable to attend his classes. I found all of them call him as Imran Bhai and the relation based on respect and are less formal than parents.

His classes played important role in the growth of my child as a practicing Muslim and good student. I found Yousuf has learned in Mr. Qureshi’s classes values of our beautiful religion and lessons from Hadith, Duaas and Quranic lessons and explanation.I found in Mr. Qureshi a good teacher and role model who is capable of putting positive influence on kid’s behavior and morals. He provided safe, caring and nurturing environment for my son’s early Islamic education. I found him taking students on mini-field trips which helped them in bind together and make good lifelong friends. I found him organizing student led projects like fund raising for charity with the inputs of students, which really helped Yousuf to develop leadership qualities and critical thinking.

I pray Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to further increase his knowledge and bless him with prosperous, happy long life.


Dr. Nadeem Iqbal Ph.D.

Former senior principal scientist

Naeja Pharmaceuticals

Edmonton, AB, Canada

"I first joined the Momintum program when I was 12 years old. At the time I was very hesitant to join because I wanted to spend my Sunday mornings sleeping in and not attending leadership classes. Looking back, eight years later, I am extremely glad I attended the Momintum program. Some of the most memorable experiences I had over the years with the group include going to Jasper and Elk Island for the very first time, going paint balling, and attending many Ramadan iftars together. I was also able to greatly develop my understanding of Islam, and I benefited immensely from having access to Imran Bhai as a person I could rely on to answer questions about religion. Though, I am no longer attending the Momintum program the people I attended the program with have grown to become close friends of mine. If you are on the fence about whether to send your children to these classes I would definitely recommend you to give it a chance, you won't regret it."

- Yousuf Iqbal

"I was just a highschool student when I joined Momintum and as a student I really did not had any other extracurricular activities. So I became part of Momintum. Momintum didn't just provide me with Islamic knowledge, it also gave me the essential leadership skills that helped me get leadership roles within work, helped me build self-confidence, helped me build a unique mindset and so on. With the best part of Momintum for me were the activities - from having sleepovers to paintballing or going to camping with my friends and doing some Halal BBQ (obviously). In the end, Momintum benefited me in many ways I did not realize then. I would high recommend Momintum to those who are looking for a change, and want to be part of a change. Individuals who want to be leaders."

- Hamd-E-Rabbee Abbasi

It takes a skilled and courageous leader to break you down and build you up stronger and more confident than before. With Imran, that is what you are earning.

I had to speak to a tough crowd and deal with their criticism head-on. That taught me composure. I had to battle not just their reaction, but my inner fears and that helped build my self-confidence and self-esteem.

During my active training with him I learnt the significance of being critical of the status quo; of being humble, yet firm; of being wise, not just smart. We learnt through the various hands-on, guided activities what concepts, such as humility, critical mindedness, which were just mental concepts before, look like in practice.

We learn to look beyond the surface. We learnt to appreciate the patience it took to achieve our goal.

-- Mahmoud Wasil Bacch

There is no program that I have seen, as a Muslim youth, that touches the heart, equips the limbs, and purifies the soul in such a way as this program.

Imagine you're a 13 year old kid, bullied, pick on, called "Terrorist" because of your Muslim name, or "A Slave" because of your black skin. You're put at the back of the train, stereotyped as the "immigrant" and given as assumed end and plotted course.

But the thing with this program, it shatters all stereotypes, goes beyond all man made borders, equips the mind and the body with thoughts and ideas that are so unorthodox and so unbelievable that they attract the learned and unlearned soul.

This program teaches followership, no leadership; business design, not business management; living in the outdoors as opposed to living in our urban environment; and being a man in a world full of boys.

The Prophetic method of teaching and the interpretation of the Quran are so seamlessly integrated in the program and so applicable to our society that the Quran in many ways becomes an understandable guide in our language.

Momintum is a one-of-a-kind program, applicable to all North American Muslim Youth, that changes the dynamic of Islam in the hearts and makes us feel confident, not cowardly, about living Islam.

-- Zaharadin Jimoh

"The Momintum program guided under Imran Qureshi pushed me to grow by providing me with the necessary knowledge and situations required to internalize one’s goals and life dreams in order to turn them into pure raw ambition. Having the potential to be great is a matter on its own but, having a mentor to mold that ambition into real world abilities and pry out all that there is in your being during the process of making you the best version of yourself is a matter of true diligence and leadership. "

-- Akeel Khan