Empowering & Unleashing Genius

Inspiring, Educating, Motivating

Not just a 'halaqah':

Critical & deep dialogues, thought experiments, outdoor excursions, solution-based-projects, innovation & entrepreneurship, night programs, lunches & dinners, volunteer opportunities in community economic development, etc.

Murabbi Model:

Mastermind level coaching and tarbiyyah to calibrate dreams; strengthen Islamic paradigm and framework; design and ideate personal, community and global solutions; and build massive movements.

Leadership agenda:

Developing first-followership based on Prophetic leadership and Quranic intent to drive balance of humility and resolve, realism and optimism, simplicity and purpose, and discipline and continuous improvement.

Holistic development:

Spiritual, character, leadership, physical, professional, financial, social, emotional, familial, intellectual, strategic development ... for prosperity in dunya and akhirah.

Killing Zombies:

Developing entrepreneurs (not industrialists), commitment (not burden), creativity (not trivia), passion (not fear), collaboration (not isolation).

Executive level training:

Building catalysts: change agents that operates through passion, bravery, persistence, responsibility, creativity, initiative, development, ...

Inspirational Excursions and Adventures:

Includes survival training, canoeing, hiking, camping, backpacking, etc. Objectives include recognizing Allah's beautiful creation, overcoming personal perceived limits, team building, discipline, willpower, and higher aspirations in life.

Body Mechanics and Movements:

Using martial arts to building strong physical foundation in movement, posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength. Additionally, gaining discipline, respect, and self-control.

Prophetic Leadership Curriculum:

    • Seerah explored through various dimensions and points of views.

    • Depth added with integration of Thematic Tafseer and Usool ad-Deen.

    • Dynamics added through personal and community leadership.

    • Competencies explored: critical thinking, strategy, and problem-solving.

    • Breakthrough moments created with paradigm shift and character framework.

    • and much more.

Session locations and time:

    • Sessions continue via Zoom online: Sundays 11AM to 1PM

    • Register to receive the Zoom link.

    • Now re-registering for Momintum Program @ Al Falah Mosque: Sundays, 2PM to 5PM

Live sessions are for boys of ages 12 and up only. Both boys and girls may attend the online sessions.

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Inspirational Excursions

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